AI Conference & Forum
AI World Congress
September 1(Wed) ~ 2(Thur), 2021
BEXCO Exhibition Center 2, 1F Conference Room
Busan Metropolitan City
Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, Digital Chosun, BEXCO
Approx. 500 People (incl. AI related officials, researchers)
AWC 2021
AI World Congress Sessions of “AI for SmartCity” and “AI for GreenTech” will be conducted (Netherlands,
Germany, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Canada, Finland,
Norway, Denmark, France, Israel, Asian countries are confirmed to participate)
  • AI for SmartCity

    • Comparison of Ai technology triggered by AlphaGo in 2016 and the current AI technology development in 2021
    • 5G, Mobility, Digital Health, Smart Manufacturing, etc.

    Day 1 [Present] : AI technology

  • AI for GreenTech

    • Declaration of global carbon zero due to climate disasters and the development of AI technology present the direction of AI as a sustainable virtuous cycle economic structure considering the environment.
    • Agri-Tech, Renewable energy, Fuel cell, Green Remodeling, etc.

    Day 2 [Future] : AI policy, ethics, directions

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